but what if you take a metaphor so far that it assumes the intensification of power—changes things in the world—becomes performative.

barbara browning on zora neale hurston in fetish class, 2009  (via karaj)

yes, or also a hashtag. 

(via karaj)


To all Bitches: there’s nothing wrong with you or what you need.

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SALT. issue 7 submissions: Heterophobia


'The fear becomes no longer how to escape the father, but how to account for that which has not named you, for which you have no name.’ Queer Influence, Aliza Shvarts, 2014.

Using language to forge new bloodlines, SALT. is both calling out and attaching itself to continuing narratives which…

Lip Magazine, 1977

Lip Magazine, 1977

Zoe Leonard in LTTR

Zoe Leonard in LTTR

Custom made tampon, Fereshteh Toosi. LTTR

SALT. interviewed by The F Word